Inventory App

Simple multi-marketplace inventory management

Automatically translate your raw inventory feed into the required formats for any channel you sell through with simple drag and drop functionality.

About the app

  • Import your master inventory file and receive ready to use inventory sheets for all channels
  • Simply drag and drop your master inventory file into our web-based portal
  • Automatically export ready to upload inventory sheets
  • Only takes a couple of seconds and is very intuitive
  • Translate complicated kits, sets, and component level SKUs
  • Multiple warehouse functionality
  • Dedicated technical support around the clock

App Benefits

  • Regularly updating your inventory positively impacts your vendor score
  • Improves upload frequency (multiple times per day if needed)
  • Users save on average 8-10 hours of manual data entry weekly
  • Increase inventory accuracy, reduce short-shipments, and out-of-stock events
  • Reduce cancellations due to out-of-stock issues, which may lead to lower vendor scores and negatively impact page and product rank
  • Updating your inventory for each SKU at least twice per day is suggested, depending on order volume
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