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Tap into your full potential with powerful automation and human expertise designed to help furniture sellers scale.

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We cover all key touchpoints

Account Setup

Streamlined onboarding onto new marketplaces
We'll take care of the entire process quickly and efficiently, helping make sense of it all.
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  • Expedited account setup
  • Organize all necessary assets and manage moving pieces
  • Negotiate allowances and agreements
  • Initial setup and establish account settings
  • Post-launch marketplace-specific training and knowledge transfer
  • Marketplace demos with ecommerce experts

Multi Channel Publishing

Fully built out product data, easily deployed to any marketplace
Offboard your complex data work and significantly reduce time to market. Our data mapping software perfectly lists your catalog to all the marketplaces and platforms you sell through.
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  • Creation of ecommerce ready data
  • Fast, highly accurate, and automated product publishing
  • Product page accuracy validation post-launch
  • All your SKUs exported into a Bear master product template
  • Centralized repository for all future uploads
  • Deployable data for your own use (eg. sales teams, merchandisers, or retailers)
  • Single point of truth for all product information
  • Catalog management and maintenance

Content Creation

Present your products perfectly
Turn raw product information into fully enriched and optimized content that improves search, builds brands, engages customers, and drives sales.
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  • Customer-facing titles, descriptions, keywords, bullets, and attributes
  • Back-end content creation to feed search algorithms
  • Brand positioning and product category assignment
  • Hero image selection and ordering
  • Addition of dimensional lines
  • Product page listing and catalog enhancement

The Inventory App NEW!

Simple multi-marketplace inventory management
Automatically translate your raw inventory feed into the required formats for any channel you sell through with simple drag and drop functionality.
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  • Import your master inventory file and receive ready to use inventory sheets for all your channels
  • Increases inventory accuracy and helps reduce short-shipments
  • Automatically translates complicated kits & sets
  • Improves upload frequency (multiple times per day if needed)
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Dedicated technical support around the clock
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Promotions Management NEW!

We do all the work, all you do is approve
Full setup and management of your unpaid promotions across all marketplaces.
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  • Full campaign setup on all marketplaces
  • Set your margin requirements and allowances, we do the rest
  • Includes all cross-marketplace promotional opportunities such as weekly deals, site sales, flash deals, closeouts, and more
  • Monthly and quarterly reporting
  • Insight into paid promotions and other marketing opportunities

Support Plus

We’ve got you covered across all marketplaces
We combine powerful tools and real human experts to keep moving the needle as you scale.
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  • Designated account manager covering all your marketplaces
  • Best practices and strategic insight for growth
  • 24/7 support and troubleshooting with inventory, fulfillment, orders, marketing, and customer service

Private Label Ecommerce (PLE)

Sell through us and expand your reach
For businesses seeking a new revenue source without having to lift a finger. We’ll purchase your products, all you have to do is fulfill orders.
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  • Includes our full suite of services
  • Products are private labeled and published under our in-house brands
  • Bear manages orders, inventory, returns, and customer service
  • Apply all our insights, best practices, and knowledge to your products
*Available to wholesalers that meet our strict PLE requirements.

Why data matters

Untapped revenue is sitting in your spreadsheets

The complex data and content requirements needed to succeed across multiple ecommerce marketplaces are a pain point for most companies. In order to sell through Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, Overstock, and others, you need highly organized, accessible, and built-out product information.

What does this mean?

Most companies don’t have the digital assets required to work with marketplaces or platforms directly. Our ability to turn decentralized and unorganized information into optimized and deployable data means we can help establish, scale, and sustain an effective ecommerce presence.

    Great data leads to better results
  • Drive sales and grow profits
  • Strengthen brand presence
  • More effective ad-spend and higher likelihood of conversion
  • Increased visibility
  • Agility to launch onto new channels
  • More customer satisfaction and fewer returns

About us

Our life is complicated so yours doesn’t have to be

Who we are

Bear Ogilvy is comprised of data gurus, talented software engineers, content creators, and ecommerce experts who have years of experience solving unique marketplace ecommerce issues.

What we do

Our goal is to make large-scale ecommerce accessible for everyone. We do this by allowing our partners to off-board all the complicated stuff to us so that they can focus on what matters most.

Why we started

Everything we do has been designed by sellers for sellers. Through our own private label channel, we have worked with over 12,000 products from some of the best companies around.

Focus on what matters most and let us take care of the rest.